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Juan Day 2021

On February 07, 2021, Juan Day was partaken by our leaders and animators and was held in Don Bosco Youth Center, Lawaan.

 In the morning, a recollection dubbed as “Moved by hope” was led by Fr. Vince Micheal Sabal, SDB, and hosted by the current president of Biblos, Ms. Abigail Salandron. Fr. Vince gave his input that centers on the theme “Strenna”, an Italian word for gift. Into the bargain, he talked about the various pandemic that we are presently facing. Thereafter, the participants were grouped into five and shared their insights regarding the contemplative questions being asked.

In the afternoon, the youth did a walking rosary within the compound and took a short break before proceeding to the next activity which involved reflective writing. Following this, a  fun-filled activity coined as “BOSCOLYMPICS” was carried out in the MHC garden. The boscolympic is composed of numerous games that were done individually but scored as a team. Each member has played five games that, indeed, tested their endurance and unity. The event ended by taking a group photo and by hearing the closing remarks delivered by the current Vice President of Biblos,  Ms. Christine Ramirez.

The event was executed while observing health precautions such as frequent hand sanitization, social distancing, and the wearing of a mask. Despite the restricted and limited action, the Don Bosco Youth Center Lawaan Animators made the success of this event possible.

by: Daniela Dalyn Paredes and Caren Nicole Lacida

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