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Fidelity to God

“Not bread but God’s words”

Luke 4:1-13

1st Sunday Lent

Everyone without exception is tempted. Whenever we see an opportunity to sin we tend to grab it like a lost wallet, a juicy rumor, or a porn ad.

But temptation is not yet a sin not until we agree to it and act upon it. As the word implies it is only a test. If we pass we prove to be strong. If we fail we discover where we are weak and need reinforcement.

Jesus Himself was tempted. After not eating food for forty days He was tempted by Satan to turn stone to bread so He could satisfy His hunger. We are surprised how can He resist eating if He has not been eating forty days. If we were in His place we would certainly fail.

Initially we would say that Jesus had been training Himself forty days not eating so it was easy not eat on the 41st day. But its more than this. For Jesus although bread is essential, the Word of God was more. His fidelity to His Father was everything to Jesus.

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