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God Here and Now

Then taking the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, Jesus said the blessing over them, broke them, and gave them to the disciples to set before the crowd. They all ate and were satisfied.

Luke 9:11b-17


The magi offered the baby Jesus myrrh for his burial, gold because he was king, and incense because he was God.

Thus in the holy mass we burn incense to indicate the presence of God. And we incense God three times because the Jews associate the number three with divinity as when they sing “holy, holy, holy Lord God of hosts”. The Virgin Mary however we incense only twice since she is not God.

During the mass we incense God’s presence in the priest, the cross, the gospel, the altar and the people. But of all these the presence to top it all is the Eucharist. It is aptly called “real presence” because it is really Jesus in his body and blood. No less than Jesus proclaimed “This my body. This is my blood.”

Some complain to receive only a small host at holy commuion or not the wine not knowing that Jesus is completely present even in the tiniest part of the bread and wine. Thus the priest al the time meticulously cleans the ciborium and chalice for small fragments. And regardless of who distributes holy communion be the priest, nun or minister it is Jesus one receives.

Jesus remains in the leftover hosts and so they are kept in the tabernacle that we genuflect to and pray to even outside the mass.

One bishop doubted the real presence of Jesus in this Eucharist and at consecration the host he was holding turned into flesh. A priest in a hurry to visit the sick inserted the host in his book of blessings and later the host bled.

Laboratory tests were done on the flesh and blood. The flesh came to be from the heart and surprisingly a living tissue. The blood was type AB that could receive and give to all blood types.

Receive the Eucharist in every mass you attend. Go first to confess to worthily communicate. Ask forgiveness for the times you were not worthy and grateful.

In 1849 Don Bosco multiplied hosts for about 600 oratory lads as the sacristan Joseph Buzzetti forgot to place a second ciborium on the altar. BM III, 311.

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