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Look at Their Fruits

“Every tree is known by its fruit”

Luke 6:39-45

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Elections are coming. To woo voters, candidates do many things they never did in their life like plant rice in paddies, control traffic on the streets, eat local fare at the sidewalk carinderia, carry heavy loads in the pier. In short they pretend to be what they are not.

Jesus condemned such similar acts among the Pharisees. He called them hypocrites because they pretended to know which was the way to go when they did not. Blind guides they condemned all their followers to falling into the ditch.

Sirach advised us a way to expose them through tribulation. Like when shaking the grains on the sieve will reveal the husks, difficulties will uncover the true nature of persons under disguise.

Jesus gave another advice which was to look at their deeds. Like the tree that is known by its fruit, hypocrites are revealed to be who they are in their action.

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