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To Save The Lost

And Jesus said to Zaccheus, “Today salvation has come to this house. For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.” Luke 19:1-10

31st SUNDAY Ordinary Time Cycle C

For misbehavior at school some students were asked to do
community service in the prison for young offenders. At the start they were
apprehensive at approaching the prisoners. In fact, they were first approached by
the prisoners themselves. Inspite of all the body tattoos they realized the
residents were no different from them.

Many people have biases on ex-convicts. This is the reason
why many couldn’t get jobs upon their release. There was an ex-priest who started a
farm where they could work peacefully under no one’s suspecting eyes.

This was the predicament of Zaccheus. He was willing to
change, to return fourfold the money he usurped, even to give to the poor half
of his belongings. But the Jews wouldn’t allow him. Jesus corrected them
telling them that Zacchaeus was just as much a descendant of Abraham as they
were. After all to save what was lost is the sole purpose why Jesus came.

Incidentally today is prison awareness Sunday.  The
wisdom writer reminds us that God loathes none of those He created. He overlooks
people’s sins so that they may repent. Wis 11:22-12:2

If only we could be like God who rebuke offenders only
little by little that they may abandon their wickedness and believe.

Operation Second Chance in the hills of Kalunasan is the
place where juvenile offenders are given a chance to change their ways. If Cebu
City gives only a second chance, God instead gives all the chances anyone needs
all the time one fails. So long as one repents like Zaccheus, he could live as
child of God.

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