Our Mission

The Salesian Youth Ministry is rooted in the identity and charism of St. John Bosco and lived by the Salesians of Don Bosco. It patterns itself in the ministry of our founder who offered young people under his care, a home, a school, a playground, and a Church.

A Home

The Salesian humanism that St. John Bosco lived anchors itself in the inalienable dignity of the human person. Each human person deserves to be loved and given the opportunities for him to grow to his fullest potential. This is only possible when a person finds himself loved. It is the mission of the Salesians then to provide a home for young people where they can be loved and know that they are loved.

The home represents the human formation that each Salesian house provides. It aims to engage all the dimensions of the human person: physical, moral, spiritual, economic, psychological, etc. These are done not only in the formal settings inside the classroom but above all where human interaction naturally takes place.

A School

The Salesian mission believes in education in the Aristotelian sense. In each human person awaits a great potential waiting to be born. It is to this vision that Salesians appeal to, providing for young people the joy of learning, the adventures of creativity, and above all the appreciation of the human person as the focal point of God’s creativity.

A Playground

The Salesian mission recognizes that formal settings of education is but a fragment of the wider educative experience of a human person. It is in the non-formal, in games and recreation, in sports and events, that formal training finds complement.

A Church

St. John Bosco was not shy in admitting that his education had one goal: to produce saints for God. Saints are born out of saintly communities and it is to this end that the Salesians allow young people to experience the sense of being Church.