Centers for Spirituality

Specialised Services in Christian Formation and Spiritual Animation

Over the last ten years, various initiatives and services for Christian formation and education in spirituality have come into being: retreat experiences, schools of prayer, retreat houses, ministry and catechetics centres. These services are a new form of Salesian presence among the young, and today are seen as necessary and even urgent. Retreat and spirituality houses or specialised centres for pastoral formation and catechetic are based on the following criteria:

  • a team of SDBs and other members of the Salesian Family, organising and working in these houses not simply as a place of hospitality but as a community or a team of individuals who welcome, accompany and share a spiritual experience with the young;
  • a precise programme of spiritual pedagogy, with different proposal and levels according to the various needs of the groups, this way overcoming a simple and sporadic experience by presenting a precise programme of initiation and spiritual depth;
  • special importance given to the pedagogy of prayer and listening to the Word of God and participating in the sacraments according to the values of Salesian Youth Spirituality; above all taking care of the aspect of initiation and accompaniment to help the young have a truly spiritual and personal experience;
  • offering every young person the possibility of a personal talk with a Salesian or other leader during their stay or even having follow-up accompaniment;
  • a vocational theme to help young people orient their life towards the Lord and His plan of salvation for them. There are other pastoral services offered outside the Salesian presences, be they in the local church (such as the services of an SDB working for diocesan vocation ministry; an SDB working in Youth Movements in places where there are no Salesians) or in other places (such as teacher formation). These pastoral services should take on in agreement with the Provincial and in accordance with the Province SEPP.

Don Bosco Retreat House – Lawaan

DBFC Compound, Lawaan III, Talisay City Cebu

☎ (32) 273-6308

Don Bosco Retreat House – Mantalongon

Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu

☎ (32) 346-5766 loc. 101, 109

Don Bosco Retreat House – Mambucal

Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental

Don Bosco Retreat House-Mambucal is a Catholic retreat center with facilities and amenities for a quiet and solemn retreat and reflection, where you can be refreshed and renewed, spiritually and physically.

📱 (0923) 877-6398
📱 (0917) 305-7311

Don Bosco Retreat House – Granada

Granada, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

☎ (34) 453 8647