Don Bosco’s apostolic zeal for the poorest youth of Turin led him to create a parish for young people without a parish. During his time, Don Bosco accepted seven parishes. In 1887 he wrote a regulation on the proper functioning of the parish. He touched on issues that most concerned him: the priority of attention to the young especially the poor, and the identity of the Salesian parish priest who served in communion with the bishop and the diocesan clergy:

The sick, the poor and the children are the subjects of special concern (of the parish priests) (RESOLUTIONS OF THE FOURTH GENERAL CHAPTER, 1886).

Many years later, GC19 stated that the parish is the place for “an exempla- ry care of the youth community” (GC19, IX, no.3), and GC20 stated that “we find in the parish ministry vast possibilities and favorable conditions to fulfill the true purpose of our mission and, in particular, for the “education of poor and abandoned youth” (GC20, no.401). GC21 saw the parish as a work that allows us to position ourselves among young people in view of evangelization in the style of the SEPP (cf. GC21, no.135). GC21 confirmed the priority of youth ministry and defined the characteristics of the Salesian parish (cf. GC21 nos.136-141).

In 1984, with the final approval of the renewed Constitutions and Regulations of the Society of St Francis of Sales, the parish was explicitly recognised as one of the sectors in which we fulfil our mission: “We carry out our mission also in the parishes; in this way we respond to the pastoral needs of the particular Churches in those areas which offer us adequate scope for service to the young and to the poor” (R. 25; cf. C. 42).

The option for young people in the parish entrusted to the Salesians is not exclusive or discriminatory, but a preferential option. This option is a precious gift for the mission in the whole ecclesial community.

Archdiocesan Shrine Of Our Lady Of Lourdes

F. Llamas St. Punta Princesa Cebu City

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish was officially and canonically established on January 27, 1957 and was declared an Archdiocesan Shrine on 2007 on its golden anniversary.

Scholarship Program

The parish scholarship program sends many children to elementary, high school and college education through a conglomeration of sponsors that provided assistance to over 522 children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school – either because they do not have a permanent income or, the family is far too large for every child to be sent to school. Aside from the benefits related to school needs, students are nurtured to develop their skills and personalities through the formation and seminars and cultural programs offered. Hand in hand with the child development, the enhancement of the family life and the strengthening of the community organization through the basic ecclesial community is also promoted.

Feeding Program

The Feeding Program is a parish-community based service program which aims to uplift the nutritional status of poor and malnourished children. Daily lunchtime meals are served at the Feeding Center to the children beneficiaries as well as to their mothers. Aside from the feeding sessions, seminars on catechism, home healthcare, family life and child development are also integrated into the program. The Center also offers formation for mothers on proper hygiene, herbal making and natural family planning. It also ventures into self-sufficiency programs such as catering services for weddings and special occasions.

Medical and Dental Clinic / PT/OT Center

The medical and dental clinic was to render service to these people, with the holdings of general consultation for all age groups such as morbidity cases, prenatal and post natal cases, natural family and referral of cases for the poor and marginalized families in the parish. With the collaborative project with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (SSHJM) a PT/OT Center was established to serve the poor and indigent families in the localities of Labangon, Basak, Pardo and some depressed areas of Cebu City. It aims to provide therapy services for children with special needs, especially those with physical disabilities patients.

Primary Service:
Oratory – Youth Center
Social Services
Family and Life Ministries

☎ + 63 (032) 261-5393 Trunkline
📠+ 63 (032) 261-5395 FAX
☎ + 63 (032) 262-0025 – Accounting
☎ + 63 (032) 261-6935 Parish Pastoral Office
☎ + 63 (032) 260-3794 Don Bosco Youth Center
☎ + 63 (032) 414-3048 Lourdes Kindergarten School
☎ + 63 (032) 418-8022 Family &Life Center
☎ + 63 (032) 261-5344 Lourdes Shrine Clinic


Sto. Niño Parish of Don Bosco

L. Flores Street, Pasil, 6000 Cebu City

In 1977, the Santo Niño Parish of the community was entrusted to the administration of the Salesians by His Eminence, the late Cardinal Rosales.

Primary Service: Parish
Training Center
Youth Center
Social Services

☎ + 63 (032) 261-00-62 Parish
☎ + 63 (032) 261-00-10 Youth Center
📠+ 63 (032) 262-05-33 FAX

St. John Bosco Parish

Cotcot, Liloan, 6000 Cebu City

Primary Services: Technical Training Center
Residential Home and Assistance for Children in Need of Special Protection

☎ + 63 (032) 424-7002 Boys’ Home/ Administrator
☎ + 63 (032) 424-7003 Training Center
☎ + 63 (0920) 920-6481 Rector

St. Joseph the Worker Parish

Vicmico, Victorias, 6119 Negros Occidental

St. Joseph the Worker Parish has been entrusted to the Salesians since 1960s.

Primary Service:
Festive Oratory – Youth Center
Social Services

📠+ 63 (034) 399-3259 FAX Rector
☎ + 63 (034) 399-3630 Rector
📠+ 63 (034) 399-3631 FAX Shop
📠+ 63 (034) 399-3632 FAX Administration
☎ + 63 (034) 399-3263 HROD
☎ + 63 (034) 399-3227 Center for Social Development
📠+ 63 (034) 398-58-20 FAX Parish

St. John Bosco Parish

Mambucal, Murcia, Negros Occidental

Primary Service: Parish
Retreat House
Social Work

☎ (034) 457-2393 Rector
☎ (034) 710-0243 Parish Office
☎ (034) 453-0599 Retreat House

Mary Help of Christians Parish

Dacudao, Calinan, Davao City

📱 (0939) 938-0908

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish

Don Bosco Compound, Dahican, Mati City

☎ (087) 388-4941 Parish Office
☎ (087) 388-4940 Convent