Centers for Second Chances

In the early years of St. John Bosco’s priestly ministry, he was invited by his mentor and confessor Fr. Joseph Cafasso to visit and serve the prisons of Turin. There, the saint saw the plight of too many young men who were victims of their circumstances. He himself would make the resolution to focus his priestly ministry in keeping young people out of jail, and thus was born the Preventive System.

Yet, even in our time today, our young people continues to be victims of their circumstances. They run afoul with the law and end up at the receiving end of punishment of crime. The Salesians have made it their task to embrace the ministry of helping our young men get out of the cycle of hate and death. Using principles of restorative justice and the ever-effective Preventive System of St. John Bosco, the Philippines South Province runs a home that gives a second chance to those who are looking for a real home.

Magone Home After Care Program is a home inspired by the ministry of St. John Bosco among youth in conflict with the law. The Salesians partnered with other non-governmental agencies and the local government units in Cebu to provide a place of education, healing, and reintegration of our youth into society. Its programs are wholistic and aims to repair not only what is required by the law, but the human dignity that our boys have lost in their circumstances, and the relationships strained by abuse and sin, within the client’s families, neighborhood and society.

The home is named after Michael Magone, a street ruffian that St. John Bosco took in and educated, and turned out to become a role model to other boys. He is a reminder to everyone that each person is innately good and full of promise and hope despite the ills and brokenness of the world.