Be who you are and be that well!

Even tax collectors came to be baptized and they said to John the Baptist, “Teacher, what should we do?”He answered them, “Stop collecting more than what is prescribed.”
Soldiers also asked him, “And what is it that we should do?”
He told them,“Do not practice extortion, do not falsely accuse anyone, 
and be satisfied with your wages.”
Luke 3:10-18


We celebrate next year the 400th death of St. Francis de Sales. He used to say “Be who you are and be that well!” This was the theme of his book “Introduction to a Devout Life” where he wrote that everyone can become holy. Not only the bishop but the housewife as well can be a saint. But each one must be holy in each one’s own unique way. The bishop becomes a saint by preaching. The wife becomes holy by washing, cleaning and cooking. The wife must not attempt to preach like a bishop. Likewise the bishop must never be like the housewife.

Such recommendation from the holy bishop is an echo of John The Baptist’s admonition to the Jews gathered in the desert.

In this Third Sunday of Advent people approach John The Baptist asking “What shall we do to prepare for the coming of the Messiah?”. They saw John in the desert, dressed in camel hair, eating locusts and honey. Shall they do the same?

John the Baptist flatly said “No! To each his own way.” To the people he said, “Give your extra coat to one who has none.” To the tax collectors he gave the advice “Do not collect more than what is just.” To the soldiers he gave a stern warning “Do not force or threaten people.” Each one received a different way of receiving the Saviour but each way appropriate to one’s life.

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