Persistence in the Face of Adversity

Perseverance is the most desirable gift we can hope for in this life.”

Last 24th of September, I have attended the St. Francis of Sales Series: 10 Powerful Quotes from St. Francis of Sales, wherein Fr. Marc Will Lim, SDB was the speaker. The quote that struck me most was “On staying until the end.” I just remembered something on that quote because earlier that time, a friend of mine asked me, “how is everything going? how’s my school? and my life right now?” Well, to be honest, I don’t think I am fine at that time because of all the problems my family is facing. We have come to the point of losing someone we loved dearly. And he asked me again with a follow-up question, “What are the good things that happened to you recently?” I told him, “I am not sure, I think none? But maybe the fact that I am trying to be okay that is what for me is good.”

The quote made me think that I should persevere no matter what happens because there are people who’re looking up to me. As a medical student and a youth leader at DBYC Lawaan, I am experiencing a roller coaster ride wherein I have problems balancing my life as a student and a youth leader. There are some days wherein I don’t have enough energy to continue studying and memorizing a lot of things but minutes later after me breaking down and realizing so much things, I always say to myself that, “I should go on, laban lang” because I have dreams and goals in life.

Perseverance is extremely vital in human life. Perseverance is the fundamental source of success and glory in modern science, architecture, literature, and music—in every area of existence. Shakespeare did not write such large works in a single day. To make such an amazing masterpiece, he had to work tirelessly at all hours of the day and night. Modern scientists, too, conduct tests throughout all hours of the day and night to achieve success.

When a youngster first learns to stand up and attempt to walk, he repeatedly falls. And, by nature and inclination, he stands up and attempts to take another step forward, but he falls again. But, in the end, he manages to walk. We could not deny the fact that when we were children, the same thing had happened to every one of us.

When one considers his own life, it is clear that anything he has achieved thus far has been achieved only by his hard work, not by accident or magic. Perseverance is a crucial character characteristic of achieving success in life. It entails a commitment to work hard no matter what changes or challenges may arise. It entails being adamant about achieving something and refusing to give up. And that is exactly what we should be doing: persisting in the face of adversity to achieve our life’s aspirations and goals.

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