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Aha! My First Aha!

Aha! This is my first Aha! Among the many technologies available in the network, blogging has caught my attention but not my interest until now. I’ve heard of many stories about the glory of blogging changing the way people think about plain stupid things to deeply profound and complex topics. I’ve known many who write their own blogs and people who read other people’s blogs for entertainment. Finally, the wave of blogging technology caught me.

I had several reasons not to blog. First, I already have my own personal diary (journal as we call it in formation). I write on it everytime we have our meditation sessions. Next, blogging helps kill my handwriting. Though it is faster, typing has the side effect of dulling the curves of your writing. Lastly, I thought that no one would read my blogs. But weighing once more these reasons, I finally said to myself, “Who cares? I’ll blog for the fun of it!”

I would like to thank all the delegates of the Social Communication departments from all over East Asia Oceania and South Asia Regions of the Salesians of Don Bosco for somewhat triggering my excitement again for publishing and writing. Fr. Dennis Miem, SDB and Fr. Randy Figuracion, SDB in particular made me rethink blogging with the sharings about blogging they made on our dinner table.

I know I won’t be frequent or consistent in my blogs, but again, who cares? Afterall AHA! I know I have a thing for blogging.


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