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At the Terminal

It has been days since my last blog. I’m actually sitting by the laptop area of the NAIA Domestic Terminal, making the most of my P200.00 terminal fee using the free public wifi. I have mixed feelings leaving Canlubang for Cebu for my Christmas Vacation.

Some of my confreres have been asking me if I am getting excited over my two week vacation. I have been for days thinking about vacation. The second I exited our classroom after handing over my Metaphysics prelim exam paper I entered vacation mode.

Yet sitting here in the terminal made me think again. There’s a part of me that wants to stay too. Perhaps I have become attached to Canlubang too just like the rest of the Salesians before me who grew up there. But still I want to go home to Cebu because I am excited to sleep at home again.

The NAIA Domestic Terminal has its own carpet-covered prayer room. Interestingly, the room is plain empty. There are three signs on the wall. One of which is “Sleeping is not allowed in this room.” We had to pray our lauds but we chose not to use the prayer room, first because there are no chairs to use, and secondly, it’s for public viewing with clear glass panes for walls.

Travelers are starting to flock the hall as they sit among the lined blue and green metal chairs while waiting for their boarding signal. Some are sitting idly. I surmise they are doing their own meditation. Others are chatting away with the person next or on the phone. Some of them are watching the television which by the way is airing a Sunday mass. I was tempted to remind them that watching the TV is not enough to fulfill your Sunday obligation.

But now I have to go. Brothers JP and Vince are getting hungry. We left the post novitiate early taking only a hot cup of chocolate. My stomach’s grumbling and the food display is quite inviting.


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