Because They Knew Him Well

Living most of my life near Don Bosco made me realize one thing: the presence of the Amazona’s of Don Bosco in Salesian settings. They’re not an official group of the Salesian Family, in fact they are not a formal group, but they are more reserved than the VDB’s and equally dedicated. I want to honor them because they have been one my inspirations in my vocation.

We jokingly call them Amazona because most of them are single, and not only single but also single-hearted, in serving Don Bosco! You find them working almost quietly (I say ‘almost’ because most of them are quite noisy, active, and youthful) in offices and classrooms.They may not be consecrated religious but they have chosen to dedicate their time, talent, and even treasure at the service of the Salesian mission da mihi animas, cetera tolle.

I call them “ate’s” or elder sister and “kuya’s” or elder brother, an address that falls short of the merit that is due them. They spend more hours working than the office hours, with passion and zeal that couldn’t be understood outside the Salesian culture. Such dedication, I say, could only come from a real encounter with St. John Bosco. I believe only when you have been touched by the spirit of our Father and Friend can you learn to understand and become what he was for the young.

Most of them have met Don Bosco in the persons of Salesians and Salesian Sisters who have equally lived the Salesian charism and spirit and passed it on to them! Working for, with, and among young people, taxing though it may is a sweet burden of loving service. I remember one of them telling me that it no longer matters to them how much remuneration they receive monthly because the fact that they are sharing the mission of Don Bosco is enough consolation and joy already that money cannot buy.

As a Salesian, I see them as examples and inspiration. Woe to me if I am to go slack in my vocation, these admirable people will surely shame my laxity. I would have like to name them here but, reserved as they are (but in truth they will kill me if I mention them because I just called them “amazona’s”), I respect their silent and joyful work. Viva Amazona’s!


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