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I accompanied our Cambodian seminarians around the city at the start of this year. I brought them to SM, Ayala and other beautiful sights of Cebu. It was their first time and I noticed their keen interest and wonder. I have been to these spots a lot of time so I just took them for granted. Perhaps my eyes were accustomed to see them. But seeing them for the “first time” left a deep impression on my visitors. I realized indeed that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” My visitors taught me that I need to see things again like the “first time” or at least see them in a different way. This applies to many things especially on the way we look at ourselves, others and the world around us. The New Year is another opportunity to see our world in a different way.

After the tour, I found myself much enriched. I told myself I should not take things for granted. The Latins used to say CARPE DIEM! Sieze the day as we translate it in English. Life is lived but once and we have to live it to the full. Savor each moment for this moment will never come back. I realize things change every time. Even the landscape of Cebu has changed so much. New malls are made, new hotels are built, more people have settled in this city. It has become a metropolis – a global city so different back then 20 years ago. At the same time it has also become unfriendly and scary having so much strangers with evil intentions in their hearts.

On a positive note, it convinced me that I must never give up hope on becoming better. I need to progress and transform into a better invidual. Thus no matter what is our present status we can always change for the better. The only hindrance for us in this endeavor is our mental laziness when we think we can’t go much further. If ideas can change the world, it can also change me or you! We are what we think we are.

So this year I resolve to do 3 things: My 3 Ms…
1. Maintain a healty lifestyle.
2. Manage a productive and fruitful habit.
3. Model by example.

So help me God!

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