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Bitoon Sa Langit

Mother of God is Mary’s highest title and the source of all her other titles and roles in the Church. From all eternity, God chose the Virgin of Nazareth to be the Mother of His Son. With her “fiat” at the Annunciation, she became the Theotokos, the Mother of God (CCC no. 495). At Calvary, God, in the person of Christ, gave His Mother to all mankind as our spiritual Mother, so that through her we might come to Him, as through her He came to us. 

In A.D. 431, the Council of Ephesus defined as Catholic dogma that the Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God (Theotokos – in Greek “God-bearer”); the Council also reasserted the teaching of the truth that there is but one divine person in Christ. 

I would like to give homage to our Blessed Mother through an original composition.

Sa akong pagpanaw ning kalibutan.
Subay sa baybayon nga mabugnaw.
Gitan-aw ko ang langit; hanap ug mangitngit.
Apan ikaw, Maria, ang bitoon sa langit.
Layo pa ug lisod ang padulngan.
May bukid pa ug dagat nga agian.
Walog kini sa luha, kasakit ug kaguol.
Apan ikaw ang nag-una sa akong pagtikang.
Ikaw baya, Maria, ang bitoon sa langit
Kahayag ka paglaum ning
Maluibong kaliwatan
Ikaw ang katuman sa mga saad sa Diyos.
Maaghop, mahigugmaong
Birheng Maria.
Karon ako kanimo modangop.
Kalipay ug kasakit ihalad ko.
Giyahi ako kanunay latas ning pagsulay.
Aron ako makasunod sa lakang ni Hesus.
English Translation:
As I journey through this world
Along the fresh shoreline
I look towards heaven – dark and uncertain
But You, O Mary, is the star of heaven
My path is still long and difficult,
Crossing through mountains and seas.
It’s a valley of tears, sadness and pain.
But You accompany me in each of my step.
You are, O Mary, the star of heaven
You are my light and hope
In this very treacherous generation
You are the fulfillment of God’s promises
Most clement and loving
Virgin Mary
Now to You I turn.
Offering my every joy and pain.
Guide me always in every challenges
That I may follow the footsteps of Jesus.
Disclaimer: This section of the website is a personal creative writing of the author and does not necessarily reflect the official views, opinion, or policies of the Salesians of Don Bosco – Philippines South Province. For concerns on the content, style, and grammar of this piece, please contact us.

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