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Slumdog Millionaire roused my attention towards Bollywood movies. After decades of Hollywood, my eyes were slowly opened up to new vistas from India, Thailand, Japan, and Korea with their own stream of fresh movies from different cultures.

Lately, I have come across two Bollywood movies that are worth mentioning. One is the box office hit, 3 Idiots. The other one is Like Stars on Earth. What impressed me is that both these movies are not only cinematographic, they are values-oriented as well. It used to be that we use to wait for the blockbuster season from Los Angeles before we can feast our eyes on movies, though not all of them are worth watching and just plain rubbish.

One particular artist from Bollywood is worth mentioning: Aamir Khan. Aside from being an actor, he is also a director and producer. It seems that to be a Bollywood actor, one is required to possess the skills of acting, singing, and dancing. That puts to shame a lot of “stars” out their who are deprived of one, or two, or even three of these.

With several parts of the world catching up to western film industry, we see more and more of the other faces of humanity. For me what matters is not the box office success but the message, the values, and the art that makes up the movie.


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