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Complexity of being Complex

I am reading a book on mastering your emotions nowadays, actually there are two books I’m reading side by side, I am struck by the exposition that as babies our emotions flow naturally. We laugh when we are amused, we cry when we are hungry, and we cross our brows when something’s fishy. I remember the many baby faces that I saw through the years, how each innocent face carries with it the unbridled expressions that I used to have.

Each one of us at some point can be a sad story. We tend to forget our childhood and our innocence. Take for example how we tend to hide our true feelings and sentiments all for the name of rationalization. Yet we are all emotional beings. We live with emotions and we die with emotions. Take a stroll outside and count the number of people who smile and frown against the number who keep poker faced. It’s a more sad story when people are disconnected with their own feelings.

It is my personal belief and conviction that in each one of us is a child, the very same child that God brought forth on the day of our birth. Our physical bodies may age but the child within continues to live on despite the many layers of masks we place upon it. In my friendships, I try to connect with others as a child and I want to find the child in others. It’s not child play or childishness but a search for the innocent and pure person that lies hidden within.

We all were born simple yet we grow up to become complex. How I wish the world could find once more the peace and joy of being young and innocent. Our fears could take the blame, how we hide our true selves to protect it, though I think it’s digging your own grave, but wouldn’t we be happier if we just act and move as we used to be when we were children? Deep inside adults miss the fun of being a child. So today, I resolve to smile more, live more, and love more.


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