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Daghang Salamat – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today is the 24th death anniversary of Fr. Jose Bosch, SDB. He was Parish Priest of Lourdes in 1964-1966 and again in 1971-1983. When he succeeded Fr. John Peter Clifford as Parish Priest, he immediately set about building a bigger Church to accommodate the expanding parish. This massive structure which we have now took almost 20 years to build and was blest by his Eminence Cardinal Julio Rosales, DD on February 14, 1982. 
Born in Ciutadella, Menorca-Baleares Islands Spain on March 27, 1921, Fr. Jose attended St. Francis de Sales School for his elementary studies where he first encountered the Salesian Fr. Gustavo Mas. “Since that day until now I have been with Don Bosco,” he would recall. Ordained a priest on June 24, 1951 at the Sacred Heart Temple in Tibidabo, Barcelona, he applied for the missions and came to the Philippines on March 2, 1956. One of his qualities was his gratitude. He was always grateful to God for his life and many blessings especially for being a priest. His daily prayer was: “Jesus daily preserve and increase my love for my Salesian vocation.” He was grateful to people and his proverbial words were: Daghang Salamat!
Our Sunday Gospel is about gratitude. Ten lepers implored the mercy of Jesus. They actually did not ask for healing but for “pity” for whatever Jesus can give them; whatever he decides to offer. But Jesus decided to give them the best for them – healing! Yet only the Samaritan came back to thank Jesus. He came back glorifying God in a loud voice. He throws himself at Jesus’ feet showing his humility and credits him for being an instrument of his healing. How often do we loudly clamor for our request but muffled in our thanksgiving? Clearly, Jesus expects us to be grateful. As disciples of Jesus, we won’t be pleasing to Jesus without being thankful. Though we may have a small heart, it can always hold such a large amount of gratitude. It pays so little to say “Daghang Salamat” with great love and sincerity.

Prayer:Lord, make my heart overflow with love so that I may be grateful for what you have done for me. Amen. 
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