Design Project Calvary

I am typing into my laptop, doing some programming for our design project when suddenly the table seemed to collapse. I held onto the table, my hands were shaking. Was that an earthquake? I sighed, I remember I only slept two hours.

I’m currently in calvary, carrying my cross with our robotic prototype nailed upon it. As I stagger under its weight, the crowd of professors and instructors are jeering at me at the sides. “Hah! You thought Computer Engineering is easy!”, “Blasphemer!”. They placed upon my forehead a crown of connecting wires, the DC current shorting at my flowing sweat. The sun is high and my vision is getting blurry. The cape of electrical tape they vested me with do not help in the heat.

I’m nearing the top of the hill. Soon I will be crucified. They will ask questions, maddening questions, during that defense. They will hold a mock court, and they will mock us. These professors… My God, My God, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing…

In two weeks time, the end will come. In two weeks time…


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