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Don’t Let Me Wait

Don’t Let Me Wait
Please just show me if you really love me
Don’t let me guess
Don’t give me a smile that’ll last only a while
Please let it stay
‘cause this heart’s ain’t gonna last forever
Waiting for a love that won’t come
But this heart is yours forever
and it beats more than it’s ever done
And I love you, I really do
With my heart and my soul, forever
In my heart, I really care
Should you bleed it dry forever
And I’ll live for you and I’d die for you
And I’ll sing for you and I’d fly for you
Don’t let me wait
Can you tell me if you also love me
I’d like to know
Will you take me and will you keep me
Please take me home
Lyrics and Music: Bro. Keith J. Amodia, SDB

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All Production: Bro. Keith J. Amodia, SDB

I wrote this song when I felt really down in life. I had a fight with one of my friends and I really wanted to make things right. Somehow, everything got complicated so even reconciliation did not work right. I thought of the many others who long for their relationships to smooth sail, even for just a day. So I wrote this song in behalf of all the lovers out there who long to be loved in return and who are challenged to be faithful despite the apathy.
I believe this is the first love song that I ever wrote. I even had the reservation to finish this since I am already a professed religious. What would people think if a religious would start writing love songs? But even so, I argued, I still am human and Christ would permit me to be in touch with the humanity within me, a nature shared by all men and women. This is my tribute to the love that binds couples together to form families.


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