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End of the World?

I was quite stunned when I heard some of my KOA from Majada Out Chapel who came by last Saturday that they would not live until Sunday. It was reported that someone declared that the world would end the following day. I shrugged it off as nonsense but a teeny weeny part of my brain was wondering who this “prophet” might be this time.

How many times have we heard of prophecies pinpointing the day when all would be over? I have lived twenty five years and have heard more than ten of these prophecies, all of which never came true. Count the number of predictions outside of my lifetime and you can see how much the world is paranoid of its end. It is funnier still when you count how many people fall for the same prophecies.

People need to calm down. Only those who are not prepared to meet their death anytime are on the tiptoes for some apocalyptic news. If we are truly living our lives then we would not fear the end. Nor should we believe such predictions. As Christians, we have been forewarned by no less than Christ Himself who said that not even He knows when He would come back. Only the Father knows and no one else. It would be logical to say that those who claim to know the time claims they know more than the Father.

So that’s it. If the end is so frightful, why don’t we prepare for it everyday?


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