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Facing the Mirror

Just among us brothers, we have been teasing ourselves on who’s the most narcissistic. I have my own gauge as to who that would be by measuring the time they take in front of the mirror. The most detached, and some may contend with this, are those that just take a quick glimpse and run off to their own schedules. The opposite, the most attached, are those who take an awful lot of time to brush their hair, fix their polo’s, and view their every possible angle in front of the mirror.

Of course, everyone has his own ritual in front of the mirror, and my gauge is not the best. In fact, it is just a source of fun for me observing how other people behave in front of the mirror. My bed is nearer the mirror now that we swapped bed spaces in our dormitory. We actually need to see ourselves face to face in order to believe that there is something worth fixing in us.
This struck me because unless we can see the reality of who we are, we can never accept and address any problem head on. The inability to face the inner mirror is a fruit of inner fear, the fear of being face to face with our inner selves. We fear that what we would only see a hideous creature but at the same time we wouldn’t also know that in the mirror is just an innocent child with a little blemish of dirt across his face, unless we take the courage to stand in front of the mirror.
So, I ask myself what do I see in front of my own mirror?


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