Faith and Covid19

We are in a time of crisis. The problem we face is not just medical; it has existential, psychological, financial and spiritual repercussions. The world suddenly became a battleground with microscopic, invisible enemies. As humanity is threatened to its core, we need to depend on ourselves & our capacity to survive. The best weapon we have is our faith in God and in each other.

Instead of giving in to fear, we flex a greater faith. As believers, let us find the hidden grace from this situation. What is God telling us through these events? Convinced that He is in control, then these might be the best way of purifying us and reminding us of something we have missed or something we have lost. Our time calls for a greater hope. Here are four lessons from H.O.P.E.

H. Health. God is reminding us that Health is wealth. Since we are fragile and finite, we need to take preventive measures. We need to keep a healthy lifestyle and habitually wash our hands. Staying at home is the best prevention; perhaps it’s our means of survival. Keep social distance and avoid contact to contain its transmission.

O. Optimism. Let’s keep our Optimism high. In times like this we can choose to look down and see dirt; or look up and see the stars. We can choose to be bored in our home quarantine or use it as significant family moment. Let us choose to see the opportunities rather than the adversities. This scourge is not God’s punishment but a process for our betterment.

P. Pray. This virus is reminding us that there are mysteries beyond our understanding. Thus we need to trust a higher power who is in control of our lives and our destiny. The more we pray, the less we panic or worry because we expose ourselves in God’s presence & his grandeur. Let us be inspired and keep praying for our warriors at the frontline of this battle.

E. End. Hope invites us to admit that everything ends. Nothing is ever permanent whether its fashion or pestilence. As the book of Ecclesiastes says there is time to kill and a time to heal. It’s part of the vanity of life. And in the greater scheme of things, let us simply trust that even this virus will pass so we can return to our normal lives.

Prayer:Lord, may I use my time at home to reflect, to pray and to spend quality moment with my loved ones. Amen. 

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