Finals Week, Take Three!

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It’s finals week for Philosophy for the third time in my Salesian history! Phew! I just got this chance to blog in between my oral examinations in Philosophy. It seems that our examinations also participates in the Principle of Proportionality. It simply gets better and better. And of course, the summit would be the de Universa.

What my Philosophical studies gave me is not the content of Aristotelico-Thomistic doctrine but the discipline of studying itself! I am a lazy brain and by default I’m deductive, basing myself on few principles and from their expound my knowledge of things. But Scholastic Philosophy doesn’t work like mathematics and computer science does. I am forced to memorize, analyze, reconstruct, and argue. It is much mental work that has often been the object of my complaint.

I have to admit, I like the experience even if it is so troublesome. The truth is, the more you understand, the more you learn to love things, indeed many things. As we are inching our way closer to de Universa, I pray I’d be able to meet the demands of knowing and loving Philosophy. Next oral exam please!


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