Flee! The Flu Flies!

So much for play of words. It seems the flu I have caught recently led me to blog again. It’s been raining for days, most of the time intermittently, with the ongoing battery of storms on the beautiful and pristine islands of the Philippines. Pristine, they could remain, if not for the longstanding downpour and gales that threaten to uproot  every house in the land.

But I’m not complaining about the weather. I love it when it rains and the temperature drops to the sleepy-mode level. It makes me feel home-y. What I am recklessly blabbering about is this unstoppable torrent that seeks to deluge my nostrils. Flu, is a seasonal favorite in the tropics. I always get one every year.

I remember the days of Bird and Swine Flu that got people scampering around looking for masks. It was that time when three of us of the four novices went down with flu that we thought we’re going to die, since Swine flue was talk of the town. And like years before, my body aches and heaves, my nose running, and my cough dry, so does having a flu now feel. I don’t care if its the bird, swine, or canine flu, but I just want the flu to fly away. My lack of fever makes me less-believable and I don’t want to try convincing everyone I am sick. Aside from that, I need to finish checking my papers.

Water therapy, a lot of juice, and rest are my best friends right now.


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