Flexing those Muscles Again

I must confess, I have not used my techie muscles for a while. It seems I fell into a stagnant state of passivity and indifference as the information world around me evolved and developed. It is known among computer professionals that life must keep apace with the strides of information and technology. If you don’t update, you’ll get far behind, really really far behind.

A little surprise came my way that jump start my interest again in the field that has caught my passion. Such a surprise is too early to be revealed so I’m keeping close tabs on it. Yet it drove me to dive again into the pool of 1’s and 0’s and I found out I was born to swim in the sea of information. I was actually discovering ActionScript when I felt my adrenaline rise. I feel so geek.

I realize how much layered technology has become that to understand the whole system, you have to learn bits and pieces of everything. Your web is at the top of the food chain. It feeds on lower technologies and the layers go down until your teeth sink deep into the hard bones of electronics. Not many people realize it but it took years to prepare and hours to conceptualize the simplest of websites.


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