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Bite. Chew. Relish.

20 October 2021, Wednesday of the 29th Week in the Ordinary Time

Lk 12: 39-48

Bite.  Chew. Relish.

What are we to bite?  Within this 29th Week of the Ordinary Time, we are invited by the Lord to bite on one word:  service.  Last Sunday, Jesus told us that the path for greatness is service.  Yesterday, Jesus invited us to girt loins, that is, to dress up to act as slaves who are ready to serve.

To get the vitamins from the food that we have bitten, we are to chew.  We are biting the word “service”.  What can we benefit from being servants and slaves?  Today, the Lord challenges us to “chew” a life of stewardship.  A steward knows his/her identity.  One is not above his/her Master.  He/She is asked not just to take care of the property left to him/her by his/her Master; one is supposed to manage resources, improve the situation and relate well with people who are entrusted to his/her care.  A steward is not just only good.  More than being good, a steward, because he/she brings out the best of available resources and cultivates relationships, is godly, that is, like God, who is the Master.

Because we are stewards who serve, how are we to relish these God-given gifts?

First, because we are given such gifts and tasks, we have to bear in mind of that lasting relationship between the slave and the Master.  This relationship never underestimates my identity but it only challenges me to be faithful and true, kind and loving. 

Second, this relationship never makes me act out of fear and obligation.  This relationship makes me act with a sense of responsibility.  We cannot please everyone.  Harsh criticisms can be thrown to us.  But just be at peace in being responsible.  Embracing responsibilities is a sign of maturity.

Third, the Gospel tells us that the Master left to his slave his possession just for a time.  Time is a gift.  If we are not faithful and true, everything will just be a waste. But if we use our talents and treasures with the time that we have, everything is gained.  When the Master comes, we will not only return to him an increase of profit but a reunion based on relationship and responsibility.

We started by biting the word “service”.  In order to get the nutrients, we have to chew it until we get “stewardship”.  From these, we relish three things that can sustain us:  reunion, responsibility and relationship with God.  Let our families, communities, friends, our Church and our nation benefit from what we are biting, chewing and relishing.  Amen. 

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