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Love God! Love Others!

And when Jesus saw that he answered with understanding, He said to him,
“You are not far from the kingdom of God.”

 Matthew 12:28b-34


A man was wrongly accused of killing his three daughters by setting his house on fire.  His own lawyer on the outset was convinced that he was not innocent. He died by lethal injection but was only proven innocent after that. But it did save another man with a similar case. That lawyer that defended him later became governor still believing that it was not a mistrial.

The law made by humans is not perfect. It has its loopholes that some lawyers use to allow the guilty go free. This is the reason why Jesus had clashed head on with the Pharisees and lawyers of His time.

The Pharisees trusted the law so much that they forgot the people which it served. On a Sabbath a woman heavily stooped for eighteen years could not be cured while anyone could water his ox even if prohibited.

Jesus told them that Sabbath is made for man and not man made for Sabbath. And His conclusion is clear. If Sabbath does more harm to man in certain situations, then forget the Sabbath and take care of man. Thus He allowed His hungry apostles to pick ears of corns on a Sabbath.

This Sunday Jesus had another chance to teach the Pharisees and lawyers a thing or two about laws. He was asked which was the greatest law?  This was a good question for besides the 10 commandments they made up 613 more. Which would they follow first?

Jesus answered that only one law was needed: LOVE. Love God and love your neighbours because you could not love God whom you hardly see. St. Augustine thus wrote: Love God and do whatever you like. All that is needed is love.

Jesus in the end told them: if you love, you could not be far from heaven.

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