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Our Father

Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when he had finished, one of his disciples said to him,
“Lord, teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples.”.
Luke 11:1-13

17th SUNDAY Ordinary Time Cycle C

Like Father, like son, so the saying goes. Mom and dad were at the graduation of their son who was an honor student.

Mom said, “My son is not only intelligent, but he is also handsome like his mother.”

Dad answered, “He might have have your lovely looks but surely he has taken my brains.”  

Mom retorted, “No wonder you are brainless!”

Sons are like their fathers. The two might even have the same voice and gait. Sons could even follow the same profession as their dads. In general the son follows the father. In essence any good child obeys the parent.

In today’s gospel in teaching His apostles to pray Jesus starts with these two words “Our Father”. These two simple words carry a lot of connotations.

Firstly “Father” means God provides for us His children. He loves and cares for us. But it also means we are His children who must follow and obey Him. Yet we often forget our duty as His children.

Secondly “Our” Father means we have other siblings that share the same kind Father. We have brothers and sisters that take care of us, that we ought too to care for. This is another thing don’t often remember.

God as Father also cared for Sodom in spite of everything. He was willing to save the entire sinful city for the sake of ten just people.

Abraham cared for Lot like a true brother. He haggled with Yahweh to save Sodom for his sake. Unfortunately, Abraham could save only four persons, namely: Lot, his wife and two daughters. His daughters’ husbands just laughed at his plans.

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