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Friend, Like It or Not

I am your friend whether you like it or not
I’ll be there beside you even if you’re a snot
Should we be good or in fight, I am your friend
Count on this, I’ll be there till the end

I made you my friend, my treasure to keep
You name on my palm, awake or asleep
So it doesn’t matter if now you’re a snob
Because you’re a friend that I truly love

Should you be away, I can keep you near
Here in my memories, you need not fear
I have surrounded you with joy and laughter
From the days, weeks, and months together

I know that when you are silent you want to talk
It’s your weird way of inviting me to walk
Along you boulevard of hopes and dreams
Of laughter, tears, of wishes and whims

So I cam your friend whether you like it or not
A friend without ‘if’ nor with a ‘but’
A friend is a friend is a friend is a friend
That’s how it is for me to the end


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One thought on “Friend, Like It or Not

  1. Hi keith,
    I love ur blog. new plan… i'm going to try to set aside some time just to read what u wrote on ur blog. I'm so proud of u. Ur poems, i love the most. hope u keep writing, u made my nite. LOVE U!!!

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