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Frustration in a Consumer World

It just works. That is the basis of how consumers evaluate a product. If something does not work as it is advertised then the product is considered bad. Apple products enjoy a good reputation because of its simplicity and effectivity. Other brands also work but not most of the time. But the truth is, with all the layers of technology used in devices, nothing works perfectly.
It is sometimes very frustrating when technology fails us at a time of use. There are a gazillion anecdotes of how Windows devices update themselves in the middle of use, of how printers refuse to print when documents are rushed, or when projectors don’t work in the middle of a presentation. You just want to tear your hair out at the frustration or be on the verge of smashing the tech only to restrain yourself after remembering its value.
Product design revolves around utility and ease of use. Designers, engineers, and product managers often fail at it however. When it comes to business, a product loses its art and is reduced to a commodity. Businessmen after all have already set their eyes on profit rather than the dignity of work, of the product, and of the consumer. These days we also realize that we don’t consider the dignity of the planet.
If society really values the dignity of labor and the art in production, then we would have great products that are effective, intuitive, efficient, moral, beautiful, and long-lasting. Our products however reflect the defects of society. I guess we make from who we are.


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