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I was relaxing my brains after a week long preparation for the de Universa in Philosophy when I stumbled upon this short video in Google Plus. Apparently, geeks are not that boring.

The video reminded me of the passion that I had for programming. It all started with Lego when I was a kid. Building things is heaven. In Philosophy we talk of ontological truth from which a thing takes its existence from ideas in the mind. Back then it was pure fun and creativity.

When I got my first desktop PC and entered high school it was then that I met my first true love: Visual Basic, and then C, C++, Java, and all the other languages that were not spoken by the human tongue. It’s a wonderful enterprise to feel self-fulfilled after hours of typing code, hard-cracking your brains out to debug, and finally getting that little program to run.

Here’s the video from Oracle during their presentation last 2011:


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