He Waited

He waits for me and this I know
But I did not give a care
Still he sends me flowers and kisses
And he longs for me to share
A gentle walk under the sun
A soft sleep under the moon
But I was blind to see this all
I was lost and numb too soon

So he wakes me up so gently
From darkness of my slumber
Greeted me with music and song
Crooning ’til I remember
Days when we used to laugh and cry
While everything else is blur
Content to live life together
In a love all time endure

Yes, I hear him singing his love
And he’s crying as he sang
For this poor, old soul now amiss
Life’s real sweetness and its twang
One deaf to hear his lovely voice
Blind to all nice things he bared
Lost in my darkness he found me
And held me tightly, he cared

The beauty of it all was that
Not much ’bout his gifts of gold
But that he waited long until
He can have me back from cold
For he waits for me and this I know
’til I learned to love his light
Even at night his stars burn bright
’til I would regain my sight


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