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I Miss You, I Do

Sometimes I find myself feeling so sad as I reminisce
The days when you were here with me before
And when the days were sunny then
But the sun just has to set
And now I know
(That/As) I miss you more today
And I’m telling you someday
I will find you again
‘til then I’ll keep you
‘til then I’ll wait for you
‘til then I’ll love you
I do
You were in the days the sun was burning bright
In those days the sun shines brightly in your eyes
I miss those eyes looking at me. See me…
Music and Lyrics: Keith Amodia, SDB
Keyboard: Keith Amodia, SDB
Vocals: Keith Amodia, SDB
For long, I have wanted to compose a tribute song to Tita Brenda, a close friend during my novitiate days. Her untimely death and that of my uncle had deprived me of two people I love and care. Tita Brenda was a regular visitor and friend when I was in the novitiate. She has been battling cancer and emerged victorious. Her cancer never quelled her spirits. Now, she has become one of my heroes – a woman, mother, and friend whose inner strength conquered the bitterness of pain. My uncle Pholo saw me grow up. I have always felt special to him. Every time the bigger family gathers, he becomes my de facto guardian. I lost my angel when I transferred to Canlubang for my post novitiate. It is for this reason that despite my absence in his funeral, I compose this song for him.

In this song, I wished to convey the sadness, denial and confusion that comes along with bereavement. I started with the music and made it leap through the scale to emphasize the breadth of emotions that accompanies death. I inserted accidentals in the music and an irregular chord pattern to illustrate the confusion and irregularity of death.


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