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If You Will It

Cast out from the mainstream light
Into the unknown, quandary night
No more now as I was then before
Scarred and chipped, disfigured sore

Heard then I from a distant shout
Walls that kept me once but out
That hope has come to take me in
Back to what my home has been

I willed it not, none will let me in
Hearts afraid of this fearful thing
Who once before was among many
Kins and friends of my past story

So if you will it, Lord, come take me in
Restore, renew, remake me clean
For none more painful than be away
From those you love from distant day

Will it, Lord, please make me whole
Only in you is my heart’s console
I dare not touch, but I dare to plea
Before these people’s cold apathy

Not in disguise I have come to ask
With nakedness in light I bask
For me to see my own misery
And beg you, Lord, take away from me

If you will it only, Lord, I cry
I bow to ask salvation nigh
O, look with pity on this sorry man
Lift him up, please, if you just can

I will it, yes, you said to me
I will it so wholeheartedly
In faith you came, more faith you go
Tell none, so that no one may know

How love has come to take your pain
And stripped you off your pride and vain
To clothe you in new man’s dignity
And be assured you are loved by me


This poem has been inspired by the Gospel episode where a leper asked Jesus to heal him, saying “If you will it, Lord…”


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