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It is the Lord who Calls

I was just talking with the KOA of Majada under the Acacia Tree fronting the chapel while waiting for the tricycle ride back to the Post Novitiate when a van stopped and opened its window. A lay minister was inside inviting to give me a ride back to the very door step of Don Bosco. I was quite happy to oblige since it would save me the hassle and around P20.00 of fare.

We had a good chat with the lay minister as he was driving. He was sharing to me his experiences of serving the parish for some two years already. He had a colorful life. He wasn’t very keen in participating more in Church at first, in fact he was evasive to invitations. Not until he had a turn in his life that he opted to serve as a lay minister and bringing God to the people.

It is really the Lord who calls, not us who choose to be called. He calls whoever he wills. Among the Salesians, there are engineers, dentists, and accountants who suddenly dropped their tools of trade to answer the voice from within. It’s a mysterious and personal encounter that makes a 180 degree turn. Vocation is a personal, unmerited, and unique gift of God to a person. It comes from the Latin word, vocare, which means ‘to call’. This call, surprisingly takes on many forms and many paths. We only need to listen well.

All of us are called by the Lord. I pray that when we hear the call we would answer it with faith and trust.


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