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It’s all about the Fear

It’s funny how I find myself. My ancestors were from Mactan Island and I would believe they were all proficient swimmers. My paternal and maternal lineage came from adjacent fishing barrios on the island. All my relatives know how to swim and all my cousins, as far as I can remember, know how. I grew up afraid of deep water and everyone knows I can’t swim.

That was a few months ago. Not until some fellow brothers Juvelan, JP, and Nino taught me to conquer that fear of depth. It is interesting to note that even before we were born we were already swimming. Nine months in our mother’s wombs equate to nine months of swimming in the sac. Scientists were able to demonstrate that newly born babies can swim on their own power!

I guess the fear of water depths built up inside me. I made 7 laps of breast stroke in our pool this afternoon and I’m getting comfortable with it. My own fears eclipsed the joy of gliding through the silky and blue water but when I have overcome that I’m Flipper made man. Fear all too often drowns us. We were made to swim through life and by instinct we know how. It’s just that we allow our own fears to overpower us dragging us to the bottom of the tank and choking on the waves of life. I bet friends and love ones can also teach us how to overcome these fears and teach us how to swim past the tides of life like the generations before us.


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