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Just be Grateful, Live and Love Life!

It’s so easy to forget the possibility that we are, we tend to think we are nothing when we are something! I was just amused this afternoon after meeting once more this wonderful guy who inspired me years ago. This was once man who changed my outlook on life, on myself, and on the wonder that I am.

Nick Vujicic was born without limbs but I bet he lives life better than any of us. It’s inspiring to see a man who makes most of what he has, and doesn’t moan about the things missing from his life. This man just lives life as it is. He loves it as it is. And he is just happy as he is.

I couldn’t add more. You have to see for yourself and draw your own reflection and a stronger resolution to be more thankful, to be more inspired, and to be more loving to yourself, to others, and to God.

God has never left any of his children without the blessings that they need and more.

Watch this video.
Check out Nick’s site here.


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