JV SAMPANG – Truly Salesian at heart.

From my email, Butch Sta. Rita <[email protected]> wrote:
JV  a Kapampangan,  belonged  to batch 77 in Don Bosco Juniorate. . He graduated as a professed cleric in Canlubang in 1982, and spent his practical training in Cebu where he  was loved by his  football players and students.
When he left, he became VP  of the ASH way back 1984. We became good and close friends then. He was a passionate leader, mentor, organizer, dreamer, speaker and educator. Multi-talented indeed. He pursued his masteral and doctoral studies in education. 
To catch up on him, I  visited him  in his home in Angeles.  His high school  kids  then,  had their  own version of  a 2 PM Saturday manual work. One was cutting grass,  the other was painting the wall. 
Another time, I went to see him at Clark Polytechnic, which he founded. He was Director of the school. I saw written on the blackboard,  “PREVENTIVE SYSTEM.” 
After giving himself some insulin shot, he went out of his office, made a round of  the building, and enjoyed goofing around and bantering with the students.  At lunchtime he invited me to  a modest meal  at the mess hall. In a very jovial mood, sitting at the center of a  long dining table with about seven of his staff around him,  he cracked jokes with them. He was the center of unity of his faculty.
Then he invited me to attend a seminar the coming week,  as resource speaker on values he was  to give in downtown Balibago. I went. Lo and behold, I counted some 500 factory workers in attendance, gaping in awe and relishing every bit of his funny antics. His topic? Developing good habits. That simple.
Just last month he planned to put up 4 more  schools daw for the poor youth of Pampanga. And so on and so forth…
Astounding. Remarkable. Very Salesian. Truly Salesian at heart!
Eternal rest JV, You deserve one finally. What with the so many activities you have done for the Lord, out of love for  Don Bosco and our Blessed Mother. 
Till we meet again!

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