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Laging Handa

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 “Laging Handa” (Be Prepared). This is the motto of the Scouts which reminds them of the meaning and purpose of their membership and the training they are getting in Scouting. A Scout is being prepared and trained for responsible citizenship. As they require the necessary knowledge and skills in Scouting, their mind is conditioned and they are able to offer the same knowledge and skills not only for themselves but in the service of others. Scouting therefore, is a preparation and readiness to serve others, hence the motto “Laging Handa.”

“Blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant/attentive/alert on his arrival.” How are we, as servants and followers of the Lord, going to prepare ourselves for His coming? There are two images given to us in the Gospel today. First, our Lord said, “gird your loins.” People in the time of Jesus wore long clothes that is why they need to tie them so that they can move about and do their ordinary work. When the Lord said, “gird your loins,” he is encouraging his disciples to be always ready and prepared for service. The second image presented by Jesus is that we are to “light our lamps.” A lighted lamp is used to defeat and conquer darkness in order to light the way. When Jesus said, “light your lamps,” he is challenging His disciples to fight against the darkness of sin and evil and to let the lamp of being good Christians and upright citizens shine in our times.

Beloved brothers and sisters, we are invited by the Lord today and always to be vigilant so that when the time comes for His coming, we will be able to meet Him with great joy. “Laging Handa” could also be our motto and way of life as we joyfully wait for the Lord’s coming. Let us gird our loins and light our lamps. Let us be prepared for service. Let us be ready to let the lamp of Christ’s goodness and holiness shine in our world today. As we celebrate this Eucharist, let us draw strength and grace from the Lord who is our model of unconditional service and source of light and hope today.

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