Learn from the Meek and Humble Heart

It is always a challenge for us Salesians to live out the meekness and humility of the Good Shepherd. The spirituality of St Francis of Sales and of St John Bosco tells us that if we are to love, let it be sweet and gentle.

This song by Jose Mari Chan always reminds me of the power of gentleness. Against the power greatly desired by the world for its fierceness and rawness we proclaim the sweetness of Divine Love that cannot be captured in words. It is a gentle love, empowering and transforming everything.

Whenever I look at my own weaknesses, whenever I catch myself angry, impulsive, and domineering, I remember Sts Francis and John who spent their lives conquering their own nature to configure themselves to the image of the Good Shepherd.

All saints are meek and humble. They have become Christ.


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