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Lk 10:21-24 Blest

Jesus’ approached his Father with a longing love; full of eagerness and yearning. This results in joy and thanksgiving.

3 Lessons from the Gospel: 3 P’s
1. Praise: Jesus explodes in a prayer of praise. This beautiful prayer discloses Jesus’ treasured relationship with his Father through the Holy Spirit. His praise comes from the successful mission of the disciples he sent to preach. Praise should also characterize our life.
2. Privilege: Jesus also reveals their great privilege. How blest they are to have accepted the invitation to be his disciples; to see what they see and listen to what they hear. The privilege to be by Jesus’ side. Do we also count ourselves blest and privileged?
3. Progress: Jesus prays for them to progress in their love and longing for the Father. That they bear fruit in joy and hope. We are also challenged to have eyes to see; ears to listen; heart to love; hands to serve. We don’t get tired of doing Jesus’ mission of love.



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