Lk 21:34-36 Be Vigilant

Today is the last day of the Liturgical Year. Like every ending, it is also a new beginning. We actually commence tonight the Advent Season. Jesus cautions us to watch and pray lest we are crushed and crippled by our doubts, despair and fears.

3 Lessons from our Gospel: 3 A’s

1. Alert:
Jesus warns us to be attentive, watchful and vigilant. Keep watch over our heart lest we are carried away by excess in eating or drinking; we have an overload of work, greed, pleasure or laziness. We lose our goal and direction in life. Overindulgence kills our spirit.

2. Answerable:
Let’s not forget we will be held responsible for our words and actions whether deliberate or unintentional. We shall be held accountable with what we have been given: time, talent and treasure. We are judged for our choices.

3. Ask for God’s help:
Jesus tells us to pray. Pray always. Seek God’s guidance and light always. Pray that we can navigate our life successfully to reach our home in heaven. Pray that we may persevere; never losing steam.

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