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Lk 21:5-11 Reality of the End

Jesus observed people admiring the Temple’s beauty. But what Jesus predicted shocked them. He told them, one day the Temple will be destroyed. In fact, all things will pass away. Thus we need to develop the habit: to begin with the end in mind.
What can we learn from the E.N.D.
E: Essential-when we think of the end, we go back to the basics, to the essentials. We will regret we haved worked too much. All that is left in the end are relationships.
N: Numbered-our days are counted. You need to make every moment matter. While we have time we should love more & love deeply.
D: Departure-as the end nears, we are like in an airport waiting for your flight. There is need to say goodbye & make a glorious closure. Its also important to end well & die well. Find peace; enjoy every moment. Enjoy the ride. ❤️

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