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Maranatha – 1st Sunday of Advent

Almost thirty years ago, in November 5, 1991 Typhoon Uring brought down heavy rain over Leyte including Ormoc City. Close to noon, people heard a loud booming sound which residents mistook for thunder. Many breathed a sigh of relief that the typhoon was almost over, when an epic flash flood took place. Water rose instantly as high as seven feet that brought great disaster to the whole city. Those who survived had to climbed on top of two-story roofs watching water rushed along the sides of houses with an unmistakably strong current. It was something sudden and unexpected. As quickly as it came, the flood was gone in three hours and left at least 6,000 casualties with debris and mud all over. 
In today’s gospel, Jesus warns us of the importance of preparation. As in the days of Noah, when people did not bother why he was building an ark while going on with their normal lives only to find out too late that the flood was coming. Jesus reminds us that there is something more important we need to prepare than the usual events of our lives. God will show up without any appointment or sudden death or the end of the world could come at any moment. Hence we must be constantly prepared anytime, anywhere. 
Jesus’ parable cautions us to “stay awake.” The Master is the image for Jesus who will come like a thief in the night. It can be so sudden and swift. Advent teaches us to acquire an attitude of being perpetually prepared. Advent, in fact, is a time for looking both backward and forward. We make a backward look as we prepare for the historical birth of Jesus. But we also make a forward look by preparing our hearts for his Second Coming. Like the early Christians our prayer this season is “Maranatha” – Come, Lord Jesus. We keep alive our hope and keep our gaze on the eternal realities of heaven. 
Prayer:Lord, teach me to stay awake so that I may always keep alive the hope of your Second Coming. Amen. 

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