Missing My Friends

Just this morning, Bro. Marc Will handed me a book on St. Francis of Sales with a bookmark on a chapter on friendship. I was so inspired with what I read that I fell into a trance of remembering my friends since I started to walk this earth. The sloppiness that I’ve felt this morning was blown away by the vigor brought about by thinking of friends.

Looking out our study hall window and gazing upon the green lush of tree leaves swaying outside, I can see the open Laguna sky. I know I am quite distant from the place where I grew up, yet right now I am aware that I belong. Friendship binds us in unity. I cannot imagine how I would have grown, and I believe I would be much different from who I am now, if I have not met my friends.

Thanks to the powers of technology, I still was able to visit some friends in Facebook. I am amused at their goings on in life. Without being physically there, I share their sorrow and joy. I travel with them as I browse through their pictures. I read their minds as I read through and in-between their poetry and prose lines. May we be able to fully utilize the interconnectedness of the world by wire and wireless communications in order to truly make the world smaller and closer through the interconnectedness of persons and friends.


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