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Mk 13:33-37 Be Watchful – 1st Sunday of Advent

Advent is a new season; a new beginning. Its four Sundays prepare us for Christmas. But on a long-term way, it prepares us for Christ’s 2nd Coming soon.

3 Goals of Advent: 3 E’s
1. Examine Ourselves:
Its a time for a deeper self-introspection and self-examination. Its something we fear because truth hurts. But we need to judge ourselves honestly without self denial or deception in order to chart a new path and a new direction for our life. Its a way to a new start. In God’s hands we are still a work in progress. He is the potter; we are the clay.

2. Expect Jesus:
We are to expect him with excitement. Its like waiting for the Master’s return from abroad and find us awake; not asleep. We need to watch our words, actions, thoughts, character and our heart. Our advent prayer is: Maranatha – Come Lord, Jesus.

3. Enkindle our Hope:
We live in a world with depressing realities. At times it stifles our hope; it crushes our spirit. Advent challenges us to re-light our candle of hope. We keep our hope burning & bright. God alone instills hope in us amidst a dark and cruel world.

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