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Of Fame and Fortune

These past weeks I have seen the passing away of two famous Cebuanos: Winston Anthony N. Velez and Cerge M. Remonde. The former was a musician-artist, the latter a media personality and press secretary. Though I have not known them personally in life but I was touched by their demise.

Winston was a drummer. He was a member of the famous Z-Band. I heard, he was one of the best drummer in Cebu. Unfortunately he has no CDs or recordings to prove it. But his friends in the music industry could vouch for it. I met him when he was already inside his coffin. That was the time when my cousin Victoria, her schoolmate in Cebu Normal, invited me to celebrate mass at his wake in Cospomolitan Funeral Homes, Junquera St. He was only 50 when death took his drumstick away from him forever.

Cerge made a name for himself in Cebu. He was a writer and broadcaster before he became the Presidential press secretary. Though he was based in Manila, his friends attest, that he never changed despite his office and the power that goes with it. He remained a humble and compassionate man cognizant of where he came from. No wonder his townmates in Argao came in droves to bid him goodbye. He was like a shooting star – gone too soon. He died at 51! Several times I saw him during the Sto. Nino Procession. He was walking behind the caroza. He was a great devotee.

From their passing away I learned that fame fades easily and honor’s glow disappear. Only one’s goodness remain in the memory of friends and loved ones.

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