Once Again

When you look at me it’s then I really see
That sparkling smile in your eyes
When you pout your lips, it’s when I really taste
The sweet, sweet honey from your lips
O girl, won’t you tease me once again
Lay your head just next to mine
As we watch the stars pass by
O girl, won’t you take my hand once more
Let me feel that beating heart
As we sing ourselves to sleep
When the morning comes and the night spent away
You’ll be waking in my embrace
Whisper in my ear and hold me so dear
And everything’s gonna be alright

Lyrics and Music: Bro. Keith J. Amodia, SDB

In Video
Interpreter: Bro. Keith J. Amodia, SDB
Guitar: Bro. John Paul Rasay, SDB
Beatbox: Bro. Vince Michael Sabal, SDB
Video Production: Bro. John Paul Rasay, SDB


This song was written because of the influence of my great and jolly friend, Bro. JP. JP has always been into the reggae genre, and he wished we could play some reggae song together as a band. I took the challenge to write a song. It ended up as a love song when I started thinking about the wonders of young love which is as light and happy as reggae. I was imagining two lovers under the star-studded velvet sky enjoying each other’s company. The boy couldn’t help himself but feel so attached to his beloved he can’t stop himself from singing his song.


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